About Equity Team Management
Equity Team Management, LLC is a full service real estate management firm with over 20 years of successful management, managing third party investments, self-owned units and condominium associations throughout the Milwaukee area and the surrounding suburbs.
We aggressively strive to reduce operating expenses and increase cash flow for our clients. Equity Team Management emphasizes performance excellence, professionalism, communication, responsive/personal service and attention to detail. Our management team is highly responsive and attentive to the individual needs of our clients. Every management contract is approached with the sensitivity of a personal investment. We are committed to providing quality, unsurpassed support services to our clients.
Role of the Property Manager
The Property Manager assumes overall responsibility for the operation of that property. They are also responsible for a number of tasks, including day-to-day operations; income and expense review and analysis, supervision of maintenance, bid solicitation for contract vendors and routine property inspections; among other duties.
Additionally, the Property Manager can advise the owner on long term planning and improvement projects, general image enhancement of the property, and on other matters relating to construction projects; compliance with governmental regulation, potential efficiency improvements, modernization, energy and related cost savings.
The Property Manager is the primary contact of the Owner. Typically the Property Manager and Owner work closely to build a mutually beneficial system of reporting and responsibility whereby the owner is relieved of most, if not all worry and responsibility for day-to-day decision making related to the every day operations of the premises.
All Property Managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event that their service or expertise would be required on an emergency basis.
Financial Reporting
Equity Team Management, LLC utilizes the most modern, state-of-the-art software to produce concise, accurate, and easy to understand monthly income and expense reports for your property. Our financial software is flexible, allowing latitude in customizing statements to suit your specific financial reporting needs and desires.
Budget preparation is both an art and an science. Due to our experience, Equity Team Management, LLC is qualified to analyze the historical income and expenses relating to your property, producing a yearly budget, which is realistic and adaptable. Our routine occupant status report shows monthly payment histories, combined with detailed reports on current and past delinquencies.
Your Property Manager will provide a through monthly review of income and expenses, so that you will always have the latest, up-to-date information relative to your financial profile.

Routine Maintenance
Your Equity Team Management, LLC Property Manager will be largely responsible for oversight relating to routine maintenance. Aside from cleaning, landscaping, and miscellaneous recurring situations, your Property Manager will, under the guidelines of the budget, coordinate regular and preventative maintenance to the property and to the structures themselves (including roofs, walls, parking decks, and so forth). Regular, thorough inspections will be made off the premises, which should help identify the onset of potential problems well in advance of becoming and emergency.
Routine building maintenance is typically performed by qualified outside vendors, property employees, and/or the Equity Team Management, LLC staff. Over the years we have developed a network of reliable, trustworthy contractors and vendors who attend to most any mechanical or structural problem a property may face. You can rely on Equity's commitment to cost conscious quality throughout any bidding process.
Regardless of whom you choose to perform routine maintenance, Equity Team Management, LLC Property Managers are fully trained and qualified to provide dependable, responsible leadership and supervision in the execution of all duties.

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