Investment Property Management
Investment Property Management
One of the strongest investments a property owner can make is making sure their properties are well-managed. Real estate provides any investor with the right amount of leverage within their portfolio, while at the same time providing it's investor with many unique tax advantages. Finding the correct balance of screening procedures, operations management, costs of day to day operations, and market analysis is critical to any investor seeking to maximize the return on their investments.
Just like any investment, there are a number of factors that will affect your ROI, from timely advertising,  to maintenance prevention, proper tenant screening, along with countless other situations that you will encounter while managing your property. Our experienced staff at Equity Team Management has the resources available to make sure your investment property is well managed, maximizing your ROI while giving you peace of mind, simultaneously freeing up your time to manage other aspects of your life.
One thing any investor is looking for is certainty. With our experienced staff, you can be certain that all aspects of your investment property will be handled with immediate professionalism. We know there is nothing more important than the peace of mind knowing your interests are being looked after by professionals that care. Here are a few of our Investment Property Management services:

  • Advertising - Equity utilizes a variety of marketing approaches and advertising sources such as newspaper, flier, website, and Craigslist. Our clients benefit from our knowledge of rental markets as well as bundled advertising services which help our potential tenants locate us quickly, all while keeping advertising costs down.
  • 24/7 Leasing Hot-line - Our leasing hot-line answering service is available to our tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event that tenant inquiries are received after normal business hours, our trained representatives will gather all contact information from the caller, and will immediately send text and email confirmation directly to the Property Manager and/or Leasing Staff. All tenant inquiries will be addressed promptly.
  • Showings - Showings are scheduled 7 days a week, and are based on the convenience of the potential tenant. Our trained staff arrives early to ensure optimal presentation quality to maximize interest of the property. We take the time to highlight all of the available amenities of our properties and listen to the needs to the potential tenant.
  • Application Process - We thoroughly screen our potential renters based on specific criminal background, income, and credit rental criteria.
  • Lease Preparation / Orientation - Once we have approved an applicant for tenancy, we secure a written rental agreement/lease.
  • Move in Process / Orientation - Our experienced staff walks the new tenant through the move-in process, performing a move-in inspections, and providing all the Management company contact information.

Rent Collection
Rent payments are due on the first day of every month. We can customize our collection process to meet your specific needs as an investor. Grace periods, late fees, and notices are effective tools to ensure timely rental payments. In the unfortunate event that an eviction is necessary, our staff is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to take all appropriate legal measures to ensure a prompt resolution and minimal costs to the owner.
24/7 Emergency Service
Our call center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Property Managers are on call in the event that their service or expertise is required in the case of an emergency.
Routine Property Inspections
Regular, thorough inspections will be made of the premises, which should help identify the onset of potential problems well in advance of becoming emergencies.
Routine Maintenance / Ready Unit
Your Equity Team Management Property Manager will be largely responsible for oversight relating to routine maintenance. In addition to cleaning, landscaping, and miscellaneous recurring situations, your Property Manager will, under the guidelines of the budget, coordinate regular and preventative maintenance to the property and to the structures themselves (including roofs, walks, parking decks, and so forth).
Equity's professional maintenance staff will quickly and thoroughly prepare your rental apartments for new tenants. We inspect, repair, upgrade/renovate (when needed), paint and clean the apartments to ensure your new tenant feels comfortable in their new home.
Managing Contractors
Over the years we have developed a network of reliable, trustworthy contractors and vendors who attend to most any mechanical or structural problem a property may face. Your Property Manager will solicit bids/proposals from several contractors, present the bids to you and provide professional advice on the best process to address the issue at hand. You can rely on Equity's commitment to cost conscious quality throughout any bidding process.
Market Analysis
Our team of Brokers and Real Estate experts are always studying the current rental market to ensure that your rental rates stay competitive and ahead of the competition, maximizing the return on your investment.
Financial Bookkeeping and Reporting
Your Property Manager will provide a thorough monthly review of income and expenses, so that you will always have the latest, up-to-date information relative to your financial profile.
Eviction Process
In the unfortunate event that all amicable attempts to remedy payment or nuisance issues do not work, our staff has the knowledge and working experience to effectively see the eviction process through from start to finish.
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